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Today’s Human and The Values We Lost

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Today’s Human and The Values We Lost

In the twentieth century there have been important changes concerning human life. One of them is undoubtedly the change of values. As Ortega y Gasset stated, one of the most important problems posed by the rapidly growing world population after World War II is the problem of getting a place in society. In this period, human beings cannot express themselves. People who want others to be aware of their own existence cannot find someone to express their feelings and thoughts and they cannot satisfy their need for being apreciated. As a sociological and psychological problem, this results in a situation in which man feels worthless and consequently looks for alternative values. This sometimes emerges as a social problem in the form of a crime.               Advances in science and technology since the beginning of the 20th century have changed the perception of time and place of human beings. Means of transportation and communication have changed the concept of distant in the human mind. Distances which formerly took days or weeks to travel have now become a matter of hours reducing human awareness of nature. The concepts of homesickness and the sense of yearning have disappeared.               Man, who makes the places valuable, has broken mental bonds with the place particularly as a result of consumerist society. Anyone who observes the social life at any given time can easily notice everyone is in a hurry. In this hurry-up world, people don’t notice the beauties around. Man, gradually losing his artistic and aesthetic pleasure, turns into a robot in his monotouous life and eventually he deviates from his values ​​on which he established his individual and social life.                We are concerned about not being able to carry our values int​to the future. In this study, we will consider our moral values, which we feel we have lost much more than ever recently. We will also try to determine how these can be re-expressed to address to humans today.

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