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Ethical Problems of Human Cloning

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Ethical Problems of Human Cloning

Discovery of DNA in 1953 and following developments caused a lot of new moral debate. Progress in technology allow many interventions on living body and its life. Especially the moral debates emerging from technological developments are the topic of bioethics. It is inevitable that new developments in this ares will emerge new discussions.               We will first discuss the moral aspect of human cloning in this work. Secondly we will try to explain that religion can not be interpreted as an obstacle to the progress of science.                We can not live without knowledge. At the most basic level the ultimate destination information – in the form of current information to meet everyday needs or supposedly supreme information – takes us to is morality. People can not live together happily without morality. Because it would not be peaceful if there was not a common opinion about good and bad.               The order of universe is based on goodness which is the essence of morality. The nature of things never allow the good to harm the good. We can approach human cloning in terms of benefit and harm. Goodness has two benefits: to remove a harm and make it a benefit.                How technically possible is human cloning? Cloning is the transfer of physical traits to a new creature. Firstly we have to find the answer to the question of human being and we must not forget human is not just the body. Human can never be 100% cloned because he has soul/feelings/mind. It is a body decided by someone else’s physical characteristics. There is the effect of the psychology of the mother who carries him in his belly on the character. Only the genes do not give the same human being.               A cloned human will not have the non-physical properties which pass to the offspring as he is born by means of natural fertilization. The parents of the newly formed creature do not only give a substance but also give energy which is influenced by their emotions during the intercourse. We do not know (for now) whether this will lead to a negativity for cloned human. Because man has intervened here with the natural thing.                Even if this is the case, our actual moral problem is still valid. How moral it is for someone to decide the physical characteristics of someone else?
Firstly as the transfered genes are taken from living individuals they will already be aged this will cause some health problems such as premature aging in the cloned human. We do not have right to do this. Indeed, there were problems such as abnormal growth and liver failure in cloned creatures.                Even this does not seem to have morally solved the problem. What if medicine and technology all work out? Why is it bad for someone to decide that someone else is physically more handsome or more beautiful ?                We need to find the answers to these questions: What is the purpose of our human cloning? What benefits will it bring or which problems in our lives will it eliminate?                We can give some answers to these questions: to solve a health problem, to find the appropriate organ for organ transplant, to see how far science has progressed.
We must not forget that the cloned human is separate human. We cannot harm him morally. It is not morally good to take advantage of it. It can not be used as a human guinea pig. It is incompatible with human dignity. Human is not a machine. Then cloning should be done for the benefit of humans. If all the negativities are eliminated, why not?
Human honor is primarily about religion. Religions respect human values. Hence, respect for all kinds of activities on human beings is the moral premise of religions. Some issues in the field of bioethics have been rejected and forbidden by certain religious groups (such as the Roman Catholic Church). We must accept the fact that this prohibition out of religious sensitivity is not likely to stop such studies. These bans do not apply to all scientists. It’s just one group ignoring truth and progress. In modern times, religion should never be construed as an obstacle to the progress of science as in the middle ages.

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